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A remake of the 1986 original but with visuals inspired by Castlevania Chronicles and other non-8 bit titles in the series.  The  goal was to provide a playable and pure version of the original Castlevania but with an Amiga flavor. Not a port of the Sharp X68000 or PlayStation "Castlevania Chronicles" game, it only happens to use many level tiles and sprites from that game because it's a practical rendition of how OG Castlevania would look in 16-bit or 32-bit. For the Sharp X68000/Castlevania Chronicles Amiga project check this developer.


Added some polishing, like for example, when mana is depleted the counter flashes in red, more visual details and effects added, Dracula icon now appears on map cut-scene, added HDF (hard disk file/image) version, and other fixes and improvements.

ATTENTION: if you got the error "unable to spawn actor - breached limit" on stage 11, please download again, as it is now potentially fixed.


Adds stages 16 to 18, now featuring the iconic fight against Dracula, the final boss, in the clock tower. Pressing F6 key during gameplay skips to world 6.


  • F1  world 1 (restart)
  • F2  skips to world 2 (stages 4 to 6)
  • F3  skips to world 3 (stages 7 to 9)
  • F4  skips to world 4 (stages 10 to 12)
  • F5  skips to world 5 (stages 13 to 15)
  • F6 skips to world 6 (stages 16 to 18)
  • ESC quits to title screen
  • PC (no controller): right Ctrl or X attacks, right Alt or Z jumps, cursor keys to move, space bar for sub-weapons
  • 1  axe sub-weapon
  • 2  holy water sub-weapon
  • 3  knife sub-weapon
  • 4  boomerang sub-weapon
  • H   adds full health and 99 lives
  • U toggles "up for jump" on/off
  • Q quits to AmigaOS
  • Right shoulder button on CD32 also shots sub-weapon

    *ATTENTION*: Please download again (as of Xmas eve) if final boss fails to appear after the player lose a life on it (now the boss variables have been reset after player respawn). If the problem persists, it might be caused by emulator settings. So, the emulator settings to fix it should be: 1) CPU and FPU = Aproximate A500/A1200 must be "on" 2) Chipset = Cycle exact on FULL 3) Collision Level also on FULL (thanks to Per-Ola Eriksson for this).


    Large update that adds stages 10 to 15, with many new enemies such as the sprite-segmented mini-boss, the reaper boss, skeletons able to get back up after hit, and more.


    Smaller update with fixes for the most pressing issues reported, like stairs that are now handled closer to the original (up and down also goes upstairs or downstairs, "up for jump" is disabled by default so the jump doesn't gets in the way, which was the major complaint). But still can toggle up for jump by pressing the "U" key during gameplay. Fixed losing life if attempting to backtrack a level by going downstairs, fixed doors looping open/close if standing on them, among other adjusts.

    Other functions and keys added:

    • U toggles "up for jump" on/off
    • Q quits to AmigaOS
    • Right shoulder button on CD32 also shots sub-weapon


CastlevaniaAGA_February2024.lha (recommended for real Amiga, MiSTer FPGA, or UAE 1 MB
Windows version (for PC/Windows, easiest as it has pre-set embedded emulator) 10 MB
Castlevania AGA HDF (hard disk file, might be useful for certain emulators) 3 MB
Amiberry version (for Amiga Mini and similar, please read the accompanying TXT) 1 MB
Stock version (for attempting to run on stock 1200 by booting without startup) 1 MB

Install instructions

To attempt to run on stock A1200 (not recommended, FastRAM is nearly essential):

Download stock version (CastlevaniaAGA.zip), unzip to your Amiga's hard disk or SD card.  Inside the CastlevaniaAGA folder, you'll find game-crunched.exe icon.

However, like many other AGA games (Banshee, Super Stardust), it's unlikely to run directly on Workbench, so you'll had to do the old trick of Reset, then quickly Hold BOTH MOUSE BUTTONS for the boot menu to appear. Select BOOT WITHOUT STARTUP...

...then in the Shell type:

Work:  (or equivalent name of the partition that you saved the game) 

cd CastlevaniaAGA


This last command will load the game. SPACE on the keyboard throws knife (when available). Also GREEN on CD32 pad does it. Button 2 on a gamepad jumps, but pushing up jumps too.

 Game doesn't fits on a single 880KB floppy and Scorpion Engine currently has no support for more than one disk and disk swapping.


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Is there going to be a cd32 iso of this great game

Thanks for your words. I hope so, it's worth saying that I have a CD32 too. :)

Very good work, thank you. It's interesting to watch as game development progresses and the game gets better all the time. I also included it in my February 2024 New Games On Amiga video.

Thank you for your words and thank you very much for including it in the February 2024 video. Cheers!

Wow, nice job! Good game, you can praise it. I'd rather complain a little. The protagonist's flashing is annoying. He always flashes when he's hurt, and he's always hurt, so he flashes a lot. It's not good to play with your character flashing. Another small thing that bothers me: The candles flicker too fast. One more thing, the protagonist's moaning became quite boyish, not manly.
That's all I have to complain about, everything else is great! The ending music is beautiful.

Thanks for your feedback.  Your complaints are easy things to fix, just reducing frequency of candles flashing and things like that. It's all part of polishing, which is next project phase. As a rather big project for a solo dev, specially on a retro system, priority was to attempt to fit all levels and bosses before losing energy and motivation (solo devs tend to lose motivation before all levels are in place, you can see many stalled projects with about 1 to 3 stages at max). By the way, nice avatar! I really liked Another World / Out of this World and sometimes it figures in my top 10 games of all time (not just Amiga). And thanks again for playing Castlevania AGA to the end!

Thanks!I i want to add it to my Amiga Mini, as always.  But i'm not sure how i have to modify the xml file... i changed the "game filename" tag, but i suppose i have to modify additional tags and lines, am I right? Probably the name tag? And the subpath? I noticed that inside the .lha file, the scorpion loader file ins't present anymore.

Please can you provide me the new text i have to add into the xml file?  The right is the working xml file for the previous Castlevania release, the left is the new one i have to modify...

Hi! Both are correct, the right is the working one so keep it safe as backup. I mean, as a rule of thumb, any name you type inside the quotes (" ") that you highlighted in yellow, will be the screen name that will appear when you browse the games list on the mini. In theory, it can be anything you type, like "Castlevania AGA latest version" or the like.  Thanks!

unfortunately it doesn't work. 

And this is correct as the old version is completly different from the new one: the left is the old one and the right the new one. I have to modify additional lines into the xml file, but i don't know how to do that... :(    Can you help me please? thank you!

Question: did it works if you leave everything default? Like unchanged scorpion_dev as name and also filename?  I'm a bit in the dark at the moment but a wild guess looking at your pics is that it may not be accepting brackets or parentheses ( ) and I'd also avoid spaces as a general rule in computing (that's why text is usually connected by the underscore _ character).

(1 edit)

i tried in both the following ways (i changed the filename only into the first screenshot, and both filename and name into the 2nd screenshot) and i renamed the game in: "scorpion_dev.lha", but it doesn't work ... :(


Did it ever worked with the default xml text?  Without any attempt of rename?  That's the 1st thing (to check if it's working AT ALL). If it is, then we could mess around with screen names.

**Bug Description:** When the character performs a whip attack, they unexpectedly float 2 pixels above the ground.

Thanks for the feedback! Game is entering Beta soon, having all the stages and bosses as well as the ending but that's the phase of polishing issues here and there, like this one.


Thanks for the video as always, Saberman! Much appreciated.

hey man great game i love how you added the hdf version works alot better i featured this game as the first video in my new youtube series im starting keep up the updates 9.2 out of 10 the graphics could be what you try to work on next like possibly a CD32 version with super high enhanced px or (pixels) ;)

Thanks for the video and thanks for playing! Much appreciated.

I downloaded the mini version. I read the text files, I put my game in the folder with the rest of my WHDload games, I edited the xml file. I saved, etc. etc. etc. Yet the game does not show up in the game list. How is this even possible? The file is there, the folder even shows a file size for it. If I double click the lha, it even opens. Am I in the Twilight Zone?

The mini stuff is kinda tricky indeed, I'm very sorry about that. I'd suggest not editing the xml file and just accept it as it is (scorpion_dev file name), browse to that file and run it. Don't forget that it's the red button in the controller to *select it* and the *HOME* button to actually play it.

Not sure what happened, but none of my WHDload games work now, they were working last time I edited the file. Anyhow, with or without the XML edit, the game still does not show up in the list. I've never had this happen before. So strange. 

Please make a backup of the contents of your USB stick, to your PC hard disk. So, next time you will be able to recover. This stuff is like walking on thin ice.

I did, no worries. Will keep tinkering.

Don't forget that you have to drop the scorpion_dev.lha from inside the compressed file downloaded here, into your mini. Not the whole actual file obtained here. :)

Using FS-UAE it keeps telling me "CD32: XBox360" needs to be configured, even when I select it from the controllers through F12. Is it missing a config file?

(2 edits) (+1)

Edit: it might work now, as follows (Xbox360 pad): green attacks, red jumps, blue or right shoulder fires secondary. This can be changed by editing Default.fs-uae inside FS-UAE\Configurations. Start the game (through Run Game.bat) with the controller already plugged.

Hi, I know it supports a CD32 controller but it's my wired XBox360 controller I've attached to my PC it doesn't seem to recognise at all. It basically keeps giving me a message saying it needs config for the XBox360 controller.

(1 edit)

Try downloading it again (Win64), I might have fixed its config now. I'm also testing with the USB Xbox 360 , start the game with the controller already plugged. The controller setup can be changed by editing Default.fs-uae inside FS-UAE\Configurations.

Hello, Thank you for your magnificent work on our dear AMIGA. I am French, I apologize for my English (google translate)!!

I discovered a BUG in the game, When the time is up, all subsequent lives are lost because the timer remains "out of time". So that is until “Game Over”.

Hoping that this can help if this bug had not already been discovered and that it can help the developers.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for this report. I did a quick fix for the bug. Download again and now it'll probably stop losing lives after the timeout. Thanks again!

Merry Christmas and thank you very much! I kindly ask you a question abouyt the settings you suggest for the emualtor in your latest release: i'm not able to find those options in FS-UAE emulator. Are they releted to a different emulator (WinUAE?) Thanks!

Hi! Yes, they're for WinUAE. But that issue should be corrected now regardless of the emulator settings since I've re-uploaded all the builds with a fix. Thanks for playing and Happy Holidays!

thank you very much! Just another question: is the game now almost complete or do you want/need to add additional features/stages and so on? thank you very much!

In terms of levels, yes. But it's missing items and secrets, many songs are still placeholders, final boss doesn't has its map screen yet, and need to balance the boss fights. Final push to finish a game is tough, like being tired at the final part of a marathon so it's the hardest part.

understood, thank you very much for this great game!

Merry Christmas and fantastic work!

Amazing work!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for putting so much effort and dedication to this project, enjoy it a lot 

Thank you!  And thanks for posting the ending, which means that it's working fine all the way to the end  (I was worried because under certain emulator settings, the final boss may fail to appear). I've posted the fix for it in the news, below the commands list.

Wonderful - as usual!

(1 edit)

Thank you and thanks for the video, much appreciated! Also, if the final boss fails to appear again, I've posted a possible fix (just download the game again, it's been quickly updated this Xmas eve).

This is more fun to play than the original versions!. Very excited for the final build. If possible, I would also like to request a homebrew version of "Cosmo Gang" (1992). A very under appreciated Galaga game by Namco, which only got a Super Nintendo version in Japan.


Thank you very much! The gameplay is kind of inspired by Super Nintendo's Super Castlevania IV, in a way that you have some control of your jump, among other things. Perhaps that makes it more fun and accessible.   Cosmo Gang looks great, thanks for the heads up, although people are asking for original games instead of ports. :)

I also like how the doors open instantly too, no waiting around for a few seconds lol. in my opinion these ports are more interesting than original titles. There is no shortage of original homebrews for these old Comoodores, but few ports/remakes.  Most "original" titles fail to do anything truly unique anyway, and just copy off of what is already known and popular. Like how many indie "Metroidvanias" and "roguelikes" are being produced every month.

I find it more admirable to restore games that few have heard of, but could use another chance at life. Games such as Cosmo Gang, or underrated X68000 titles like "Red Riding Hood Chacha" that barely anyone has even heard of, but offers something memorable and unique.  It it also interesting to see how far these old systems can be pushed. There never was a true Castlevania for the Amiga, but here you are making it happen!. That is more "original" to me than seeing Joe Shmoe's version of Metroid for the millionth time. These are just my thoughts, anyway.

Looks and feels very good. This time I played level 15, the last level, and made a video about it, I also added it to my October Amiga gaming video.

Thank you very much for showing it on your video. It is much appreciated.

Great demo - as always!

Great video as always! When I saw that you played it from start to end, I knew all was fine, it works.  :)

A great new demo!

Thanks for the full playthrough, awesome job as always!

You can also skip to the new stages by pressing the F4 key.

(2 edits)

The game now looks insanely good and is making damn good progress. The gameplay and the level of difficulty are also right. We even love the multiple Parallax-Scrolling. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:55:07. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Thank you very much for your words and your video! Much appreciated.

Update august 12!

Thanks for playing and thanks again for the video! :)

thanks! I'm trying the version for FS-UAE: i put the CastlevaniaAGA_WHDLoad.lha file into my rom folder, pushed Update Game Database and Update File Database, but the game isn't detected...do you know why? Is it necessary to create a specific COnfig in order to correctly run it? thanks!

Great work. Amiga fans like it.

Thanks! I tried it on AmigaMini, it works correctly. But if i try to rename the scorpion_dev.lha file in a different name (for example Castlevania (Aga)", the game doesn't work anymore.. do you know if it is possible to rename the game file? Many thanks

Thanks for playing! I did the same too (attempted rename, didn't work). I think it has to do with the config XML file which has this line <game filename="scorpion_dev"> so I guess changing the name between the quotes might work. But for adding more than one Scorpion Engine game, probably would need another block of text there with its own name between the quotes.

thanks, it works in this way! So i have to do same thing for others Scorpion games, if i want to rename them? I have another question: is it possible to change the button mapping? thanks

Nice!  I think that for multiple Scorpion games on the same device, it'd look like the picture below (showing 2 different games with example names, each with their own configs).

For controls remap, select the game in your mini device pressing "A" on the mini's gamepad. Then press the menu button on gamepad, and go to "map gamepad". You may also wish to use "joystick port 2" as CD32 pad because you can use X (green button) to instantly shot the weapons such as knives and axe when you pick them.

ah ok! So i have to rename the <name> tag too? I renamed the <game filename> tag only...I would like to rename Turrican 2 AGA too, but i haven't done it. So i need to rename both the tag <game> and <game filename>?

I think that just the game filename must match the actual name of the downloaded file. But it's a case of trial and error. 

very good

Man that's just amazing work you've done here! Very impressive!

Thank you very much!

This looks fantastic!  With the Scorpion Engine still in development, I hope things like bob / sprite scaling and zooming will be introduced as well as things like 'rope physics'. I discussed this over at BitBeamCannon, and they will probably look into it. Back to topic; hopefully CDDA tracks will be supported in the future, as this really screams a CD32 version; its that good!

Also, is a chance there will also be a version after this based on the MSX release of 'Vampire Killer'?  I always preferred that one over CastleVania on NES; it's got a bit more exploring. 

Awesome job!

(1 edit)

Thanks and indeed! Worth saying that my real hardware right now is my CD32 (since my main A1200 needs recap and I'm afraid to switch it on lol).

About Vampire Killer, it has the keys to open doors and allows backtracking/free roaming, which is a thing I'd probably add here (specially on ladders, as jumping from one in a 'bottomless level' results in losing a life and that's not intuitive despite being what happens in the NES original - difference there is that you can't jump from a ladder but you still manage to fall from them sometimes :) as shown in the linked video below)


Amazing game!

Thanks! And well played, thanks for the video!

What a banger, I can't wait for the full release.

very good! keep going and thx for this ;)

Your work is amazing my friend

Thanks! It's much better now, with levels 2 and 3 working too, but I'll probably only post an update when the music is correct for each level. :)  Music in Castlevania is very important and it takes a while to do properly...

Kudos for your great work, it really starts to be a best remake of this game ever.

I was running The HDD download on Amiga Forever. It ran fine. Is the WHDLoad the current one, or do I need to run the file from this page? Amiga Forever is a virtual Amiga there is a way to run it one way or another

Thanks for your message, the HDD download is probably fine. But you may try the latest one here for comparison reasons.

Any updates on this?

Thanks for your message and interest. Yes, some planning is going on and it'd probably be based on original 1986 Castlevania (6 stages, and the original intention) instead of 1993 Castlevania Chronicles (8 stages, in shuffled order), this would give it better chances of being finished as well as running on a stock machine.

I'm already eagerly waiting for the game.

Will you also make a CD32 conversion ? There would be the possibility to play the audio tracks from CD.  And C. has a damn good soundtrack.

Thanks for your message and support. Last time I've checked, Scorpion Engine didn't supported CDA tracks yet. But that will be great when or if it does, because you know, this is also known as Castlevania Chronicles on PS1 with that sweet CD soundtrack.

I know Castlevania Chronicles, of course. I even played it on the PS1 back then. My favorite part is Symphony of Night. I think their AGA version looks even better than Chroinicles. Well maybe this is possible with the CDA tracks in the future. The CD32 even offers the possibility to save game saves in the NVRam. Earok is an expert in this area. He could certainly help.

I hope they finish the project, a good Castlevania port is missing from the Amiga.

Maybe Roland MT-32 support for midi music would be an option as well?  The x68000 has a great midi soundtrack :)

Any new demos coming for this one?

The plan is to have some news or a new playable version on Halloween (October 31). :) But I can't 100% promise yet, as there are some factors outside my control. But anyway, thank you very much for the interest in this game.


Thanks! I work for the ZZAP! AMIGA magazine, so we try to cover the game (news or demo on our covermount). Is there a way I can get in touch?

(1 edit)

For loading from Workbench. Try putting the WB1.3 FastMemFirst command in the startup-sequence, and then it means you get the full 2MB chip for games. When making the launch icon, remember to increase the memory stack value.

This, ofcourse, is awesome!  On a personal level I would prefer MSX2's 'Vampire Killer'  over the game-layout of ' CastleVania'  though. But hey some people are never satisfied.. Anyways, Looks brilliant already!  :)

New gameplay! Nice soundtrack!

Hello, that's really great! I would also donate to your work. Best wishes!

Amazing game!

Thanks for your great videos.

Release had a small "debug" number left in the place of stage number.

I've removed that, download the same file again and that'll be fixed.

Have a great Sunday!

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